The Dick Blog

The Washington Post devotes an entire blog to Darth Cheney’s, uh, Dickiness. Here’s our favorite highlight [via Wonkette]:

[Dan Quayle visiting Dick in 2001] ‚”I said, ‘Dick, you know, you’re going to be doing a lot of this international traveling, you’re going to be doing all this political fundraising … you’ll be going to the funerals,’ ” Quayle said in an interview earlier this year. ‚”I mean, this is what vice presidents do. I said, ‘We’ve all done it.’ ‚” Cheney ‚”got that little smile,” Quayle said, and replied, ‚”I have a different understanding with the president.”

You can check out the blog here. Related, The Colbert Report — Cheney is the Fourth Branch.


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