The Commodore’s chef is not a fan of the “nose-to-tail bros” of the Williamsburg food scene

tannerIf you’ve walked by The Commodore you have probably seen their fearless head chef Stephen Tanner chilling outside and smoking a cigarette. Aside from running Commodore’s kitchen (and soon El Cortez in Bushwick), co-founding Pies-N-Thighs, and playing bass for the band Harvey Milk, Stephen also gives a great interview. Grub Street spoke with him about the Williamsburg food world and he had some choice words for others in the neighborhood:

since when did becoming a butcher or a farmer become some celebrated art form? It’s fucking insulting to the people who have done it their entire lives. These fucking dicks move here and they’re, like, “Oh, I’m a nose-to-tail bro.” I think it’s rude and it’s offensive. Other than that, I don’t really give a shit.


They all say they were looking for something the community wasn’t providing. And it’s, like, “What’s that? A club of dicks?” They’re not providing anything. They’re isolating the community. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll name names. Like Walter Foods, and people who say “proper”: “I was looking to go somewhere and have a proper Man-hat-ton, and a properly cooked steak … ” What the fuck are you talking about? Dumbest shit on earth. You’re not doing anything for the community but alienating the people who have lived there for a katrillion years.

A club of dicks! Fantastic.

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  1. Moralhighgroundoneuper says:

    How is $15 for 3 over cooked pieces of fried chicken any less “alienating the people who have lived there for a katrillion years.”? Help me out.

  2. This guy is funny, NY has been taken over by 20 somethings with tats and trust funds. Still great food here though, but yes 15 bucks for fried chicken is no different…

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