The Big Ass Lens Northside Fest Showcase

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What’s good people? Oh yeah – a killer show tomorrow put on by the Big Ass Lens crew. After years of scheming, conning, begging and pleading our way into shows, filming the shit out of them and coming through with great videos for our favorite artists, BAL is finally flipping the script. We’re going to produce and shoot our own show!

Saturday night at Bar Matchless we have an outstanding line-up featuring four original, crushing and damn satisfying bands. On tap are the Spin Magazine touted “must-see” Grandfather, whose potent blend of heavy psych-tinged rock is ringing serious bells these days. In addition, we have Converse Tent SXSW spot rushers Dirty Dishes, whose energetic rush we liken to a mash of our favorite 90’s stylings with a gorgeous female voice over top. Propulsive and lush, dexterous and dizzyingly dancy this band hits all the right spots for us.

On the grimier side of life we have Grass Is Green, who’s heartfelt, knotty and spastic songs touch on the sounds of some our perennial 90’s favorites – the Dischord roster, Unwound, Jawbox. Rounding it all out are the bombastic, in-the-trenches monsters Madam Trashy who hit hard as hell.

Overall, it’s going to be a great night of music (especially these four amazing drummers!) and a start of a new era for us at Big Ass Lens. Come through, get drunk stay drunk at the club.


  1. why would you want to go to a show that’s bragging about the cameras that will be in the way?

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