The Bagel Store declares 2014 “Year of the ‘Cragel Bagel’”

"Cragel" from The Bagel Store

“Cragel” from The Bagel Store

2013 brought you the Cronut and the Ramen Burger, and now the delicious combo madness continues. The never ending food fusions trend marches on with the “cragel” making its public debut this past weekend at The Bagel Store. The shop first introduced the concoction to VIPs last fall and is now spreading the hot, flaky goodness with all.

You can get your carb-loving hands on this “50 percent croissant, 50 percent bagel and 100 percent delicious” creation on Bedford or Metropolitan Avenue for $2.95 each. Or stop by both locations if you need to round up a dozen (limit 6 per customer). Shipping is also available nationwide.

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