The Bacon Takedown Cometh

Freshly freed from the crowds at the Chili Takedown at Union Pool, local food gladiator Matt Timms announced the Brooklyn Bacon Takedown today. It’s set for March 29th and will be at the Radegast Hall and Beer Garden right here in sunny Williamsburg!
Here’s the deal:

March 29th. Bacon gets TAKEN DOWN!!!!! It’s just a fact that everything would taste a lot better if it was bacon instead. And featured in any dish, that dish becomes ten times more wonderfuller. So let’s see your bacon recipe. A bacon stew? A bacon appetizer? A bacon desert? Anything is possible. Whatever your dish, be prepared to serve a throng of people- so best to show up with a dish that is easy to divide and serve! We want to see about 250 bites of whatever it is you make!
Email me to enter, and discuss your recipe before hand, to see if it is feasible! The ignorant masses will be arriving in droves to vote on the most delicious bacon attempt. This promises to be the most interesting and fun Takedown ever – let’s see what bacon ideas you plan to blow our minds with!!

Visit to enter, and start working on your masterful bacon wonderpiece.


  1. My son had to get images that starte with B for his homework. So I looked up on google for Bacon. The second image across was this one here. I have to laugh, because he really wanted this one!!! Why I laughis because he is only 6, and thinks the bacon boobies were the funniest, naughtiest thing he had ever seen. Needless to say, I said no, as I don’t think his teacher would have approved. LOL

  2. I love bacon

  3. Here’s some photos from the event –

  4. BACONANZA madness.
    Here’s what it was like for one competitor.

  5. Apologies. I totally put in the wrong link. Here are photos from the Bacon Takedown –

  6. Brian Kusler took the Bacon Bra photo. The original set is here:

  7. her boobs are too soggy it makes me hungry….yummy……..

  8. Great story Jane! haha. This is a great photo too… i’m gonna go make myself some bacon! ­čśë

  9. u make me feel sick

  10. ewww, I never want to eat bacon again…. after seeing THAT picture D:

  11. “ewww, I never want to eat bacon again…. after seeing THAT picture D:”
    Prude bastard

  12. sQUEaL lIKe a pIg

  13. lol Bacon Bra? Do they have a leaner version? Very original at least. For more Bra history and tips check What is your correct Bra Measurement?

  14. dubois don’t like woman, he loves lettuce.

  15. antonis loizides says:

    hope you die bitch “who is wearing bacon“

  16. Bacon ? What is Soogy mean ?

  17. We talk about raw food, and clean your hands after handling it. So I would think this is not the best idea. Could they have tried to cook it first that way the clean up would be more fun? Oh, that should be more safe… :))

  18. WOW BOOBs and BACON the proof god loves us and wants us to be happy!

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