The 8 Most Embarrassing Musical Performances by Non-Musicians

Mr. T. – “Treat Your Mother Right”
Cracked has the whole list here.


  1. i have the whole ep “mr. t raps the 10 commandments” with other classics such as “no dope, no drugs.”

  2. Treat your Momma Right is from Mr. T’s 80’s master piece called “Mr.T – Be somebody or be somebody’s fool”. It is basically the most HILARIOUS thing that i have ever seen. You think this song is great? How ’bout “Peer Pressure” featuring New Edition – a cautionary tale about why kids shouldn’t pick warm beer cans and half packs of cigs out of the trash then pretend to be drunk/stoned. Or “Styling” a fantastically flamboyant 80’s fashion show narrated by the stilted Mr. T. “Remember kids – table the label and wear your own name!”
    Basically what I am trying to say is Mr. T may have been a genius, and you should all track down this amazing video if you want to laugh so hard you will pee your pants.

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