The 20 Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick

Gwynnett St.

TAGS: American Nouveau, Fairly Expensive, Fancy Cocktails, Graham, Recently Opened, Recommended

WD-50 Veteran,Justin Hilbert, brings impeccable locavore cuisine to the Graham Avenue stop. The desserts show his love of molecular gastronomy without compromisong flavor and the Amish Chicken is the best chicken we have ever eaten, um, anywhere. Simply amazing. From the NY Times: Mr. Hilbert’s style of cuisine is not yet common in this pocket of Williamsburg. In fact, cooking this sophisticated would be a find anywhere in New York.

And while it is a restaurant in Brooklyn, Gwynnett St. is not really a Brooklyn restaurant. There are no butchers’ tools hanging from reclaimed barn doors. Under the eye of Carl McCoy, the proprietor, the dining room staff is calmly professional, utterly free of pretense and attitude. Nobody is the least bit likely to pull up a chair and offer to show you pictures of the sauerkraut the chef is currently fermenting inside a pair of Red Wing boots.


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