Thank You Sarah Palin

This made us more ill than this.


  1. Tell me this is a joke. It is, right?
    One way or another it must be.

  2. If this is serious…
    the black guy in the video should be shot!
    what an uncle tom!

  3. um wtf, first of all. I was waiting for sarah silverman and tina fey to jump onto the screen and yell “gotcha” and start a new spoof for this saturday night. But on a side note: the commercial was weird and bit scary to say the least. But to the dude who wants to call the brother in the commercial an “uncle tom” you’re way out of line. To be honest, I think they found him on the street and offered him a couple hundred bucks to say a few lines and hey, who can blame the brother? shit, its recession fools. gotta get that paper

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