Tens of Thousands March in New York

Yeah, yeah, we know… Cindy Sheehan is not the best spokesperson for the Left. And marches attract way too many hippies. And the media always focuses on a few random nutjobs to discredit the thousands of intelligent, proactive protestors. But we stand by our opinion that attending marches is important. Our media may not cover antiwar rallies, but the international media does. It’s important to show the world that not everyone in this country supports Bush and his war. And simply executing your right to protest is important in and of itself, especially in light of the Bush administration’s attempts to thwart free speech and protest in this country. Hats off to everyone who attended. Here are some photos, via Yahoo:


  1. Joshua Xiong says:

    Hey, tell me how letting persecuted shiites and kurds continue to suffer under the perilous Baathist (Nazi-based) regime of Saddam Hussein equals “One Love”? And if you are talking about trying war criminals, then hey, we’ve got Saddam on trial. Besides, what is there to protest? The invasion happened in 2003. If you’re talking about a pullout, why aren’t your left-wing hearts bleeding for the enormous amounts of civilians in Iraq who will suffer due to a civil war and full-fledged chaos?
    – A discontented Liberal hawk.

  2. trinidad says:

    you are an idiot, josh.

  3. Joshua Xiong says:

    Don’t be lazy, trinidad. Call me on what I say. Otherwise, you’re a coward.
    Also, food for thought:
    well, one of my biggest problems with the extreme left isn’t that their ideas are so radically socialist or socially liberal, but that they operate on a radically different kind of political philosophy. I can’t debate any of their ideas because to prove that they are wrong requires changing their entire outlook of our country and the way the world works. For example, if I were to defend the war in Iraq, I’d have to first knock down their beliefs in the idea of America being a corporately run dictatorship that is the greatest human rights violator in the world, that it is run by a jewish cabal, that we only gear our foreign policy to oil interests, that 9/11 was staged, and that anything bad that happens to us is automatically a result of our doing. I can’t work with that because we fundamentally disagree in the way we perceive the society we live in. It’s like arguing about whether to eat an orange or an apple, when your opponent thinks the orange is a grape and the apple is a watermelon. So, I guess the first piece of adivce to the hard left is to dismantle their ideology built upon a foundation of random conspiracy theories.
    It’s only then that you can actually come up with productive liberal ideas to help America and the world. I mean, under the current assumptions that the hard-left makes about America, we can’t really do anything unless we stage a violent, marxist revolution to overthrow the existing corporate world order. That makes you lazy because you don’t actually have to think about how to use government to make things work for your liberal causes. Instead, you just bitch about the system and the powers-that-be.
    The fact is, the left isn’t all that lazy. You have a lot of responsible liberals who, as much as they hate bush, recognize that calling Bush a nazi is outright irresponsible. The Brookings Institution, for example. Or the fine folks at the New Republic, Slate, Atlantic Monthly, and Harper’s. But it’s the pedagogues like chomsky, zinn, moore, the Nation, Z Magazine, etc. that get all the air-time and web-time, so our own collegiate generation of liberals are growing more and more cynical and in a sense paranoid because they’ve grown up consuming this shit thinking it’s radically cool counterculture.

  4. Joshua Xiong says:

    Also, to those at FreeWilliamsburg: You keep saying how cindy sheehan and her hippy cabal discredits intelligent activists. But, aren’t these pictures just as incriminating? Bush and Cheney in jumpsuits? Is that intellectually responsible?

  5. Joshua Xiong says:

    Also, with bush’s approval ratings as low as they are now, I doubt the entire world thinks that not everyone in the US supports Bush and his war.

  6. I’m just angry because every two weeks money is taken out of my paycheck by the U.S. government and a portion (probably bigger than I realize) of that helps fund death on behalf of oil companies. Sure Saddam was a bad dude, but what about all the other bad dudes throughout the world? The ethnic cleansing in Africa? The continued torture and slaughter of Buddhists in Tibet by the Chinese? Oh yeah, because throughout history, war is over natural resources and property, not the spread of positive ideas or systems of government.

  7. Joshua Xiong says:

    Ok, ethnic cleansing in Sudan? Genocide in Darfur? Last time I checked, Sudan has oil. A good amount of it. You wanna take on China? You wanna take on an arsenal half of our size? Did you not learn anything from the cold war? You wanna take on its nukes?
    Listen: just because there are other bad things out there in the big bad scary world doesn’t mean we aren’t justified in doing something about at least one problem. It’s not all or nothing, you know.
    Also, stop with the oil conspiracy. Don’t you think if it were really about oil that we’d have a serious problem not only with this admin but with the entire system of government in America? In that case, your friends in the Democratic and Green Parties would be equally complicit. A scheme such as war for oil would certainly require the approval of more than just Bush and the GOP.

  8. Yup, Joshua, everything is great, the world is doing fine, I can see it because of your teachings. One problem at a time. Great.

  9. Joshua says:

    Don’t twist my words. All I’m saying is that there are a lot of problems in the world and not solving all of them doesn’t mean it’s inherently wrong for us to try to solve SOME of them. Again, it’s not all or nothing. If you have a house on fire and you can only save 2 out of 10 people in the building, it doesn’t mean you should leave all 10 there to burn because you can’t do everything.

  10. There is a difference between solving problems and creating them, so the “house on fire” analogy is really, really dumb. The world is not on fire, unless there are some people actually willing to start the fire.

  11. If you have a house on fire and you can only save 2 out of 10 people in the building, it doesn’t mean you should leave all 10 there to burn because you can’t do everything.
    Well, if you can only save two of them, what can you do besides leave the other eight? Pray that Doug Feith develops superhuman powers?

  12. Wake UP! Up you wake, up you wake, up you wake, up you wake!
    The America, Joshua, that you champion is a myth. Reality is that any government’s first imperative is to maintain itself. All ideological rhetoric, about freedom, etc., is just a shell game to distract from all the useless death. It’s global chess, and we’re the pawns.

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