Ted Leo announced as 4Knots headliner

Up until now, the lineup for 4Knots, the Village Voice’s South Street Seaport replacement for the Siren Fest, has seemed basically like a snooze-a-palooza. But today, The Voice announced that on July 9th, before the actual festival which is on July 16th, they will hold a kickoff show at the Seaport featuring Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

Leo is, of course, fresh off covering Minor Threat for the Our Band Could Be Your Life tribute concert over the weekend; he played the 4Knots predecessor Siren in 2003 and last year; and he and the Seaport have quite the history, weather-and-concert-wise.

We are in agreement with Gothamist on this one when they say, “Ted Leo is amazing, but he can’t be the only one holding up this mist tent.”


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