The Heyward restaurant now occupying former Zebulon space in Williamsburg


The Heyward; credit: Eater

We’ll forever miss Zebulon, but clearly we need another overly-precious seafood restaurant.

The old Zebulon concert venue, which sat empty for over two years, reopened last night as the home of the Southern Atlantic restaurant, The Heyward. The newcomer, which is a project from one half of the team behind pseudo-secret West Village restaurant Hudson Clearwater, has what might be described as a classic Brooklyn look to it. There’s a tin ceiling, a large curving raw bar stocked with oysters, park bench-inspired wood banquettes, exposed white brick, and marble tables. The menu still isn’t official, but chef Derek Orrell, a Locanda Verde vet, had a chilled lobster salad with cayenne butter, a she crab soup, and grilled pork chop on the menu last night.

Eater has more pictures.

The Heyward
258 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Why Zebulon Closed


Via Brooklyn Paper:
Joce Soubiran, one of the owners of Zebulon, said he shut down the popular Wythe Avenue club because new residents complained too much about the performance space.

“The people around us don’t want us,” said Soubiran. “Why would you move next to a music place if you don’t want music? The people around here want to tell us how to run our business.”

…as the venue earned praise from music heads, it got bombarded with noise complaints, particularly in the past two years, said Soubiran. On Halloween, authorities issued the bar a total of seven tickets for noise violations and allowing revelers to gather on the street.

Soubiran said it’s not worth the hassle to better soundproof the club or ask bands to keep it down because that would compromise the club’s authenticity. He said he and the other owners might consider opening up in a different neighborhood — maybe Bushwick — at a later time.

“We are very tired and we need a break,” he said.

When asked what he will do when the squares move to Bushwick, Soubiran said he hopes to be retired.

Kinda reminds us of the people who moved next to the chicken slaughterhouse in Greenpoint. If you don’t like being in a festive neighborhood that can be loud at times, then why move there?

Zebulon Is Closing


Now this sucks. Zebulon is one of the best reasons to visit Williamsburg and now they are about to close. Utterly without pretense, Zebulon was one of the few places in the neighborhood where you could see music performed by musicians NOT wearing skinny jeans. This Brooklyn institution will be missed.

From a press release posted on Gothamist:

“On Sunday, Dec 9 Zebulon will be closing its doors after ten exciting years of pioneering music and arts. Williamsburg has changed significantly since we opened, and unfortunately it is no longer possible today to continue the business in the manner in which it was conceived. Nevertheless, it’s been a great run. This is our final week so if you haven’t been down in a while, please come and say hello/wave goodbye, and pay your respects to this gem of an institution.”

According to Gothamist:

Their final week will include appearances by TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone, The Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld, and more. As always, there will be no covers, and a happy hour lasting from 5 to 8 p.m.

Sondra Sun-Odeon and Sun Moon played Zebulon

From last night’s show at Zebulon. Unfortunately we were not able to neither catch “Yosh” nor “Bee and Flower”. However, below is footage from Sondra and Sun Moon’s set.

Sondra Sun-Odeon

Sun Moon

Even though we missed Yosh‘s performance yesterday, earlier this year we captured her show at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. Watch it below the fold, along with more ‘full band’ Sondra…

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Zachary Cale played Zebulon

Zachary Cale was at Zebulon last night. Accompanied by Alfra Martini, the duo performed songs from Zach’s upcoming full length named “Noise of Welcome”. Below is a two song video edit of the show.