Captured Live at the Northside Festival: Zambri live at Spike Hill

Justin Little, June 15, 2012
Dualing boards, dualing drums, and dualing front women? Zambri you get dualing thumbs from me. Spike Hill was packed for their set. At this point in the night all the crowd jitters are gone. What I mean by that is everyone in the crowd has already seen about 3 bands. They’re over that first awkward instances where people tend to start bobbing their heads to the music and peak around to see if anyone is watching or dancing. By now, well during Zambri’s set you can clearly see everyone in the crowd having a blast(and/or buzzed). Great set! I’m sure they opened a lot of eyes tonight. They definitely opened mine. It started out slow and got sexier and sexier. I feel like I need to go wash my sexy laundry. Rumor has it the two front ladies are sisters? That’s Sassy! Allow me a moment to dwell on that. PS: Did I just say that out loud?

Ticket Giveaway: FREEwilliamsburg Presents… Zambri at Pianos

Tonight will be host to the final night of Zambri’s April residency at Pianos and we expect you all there to party with us!

Check out the FREEwilly curated lineup below and start dreaming about those frozen margaritas because there’s no better way to celebrate this muggy weather than with a frozen cocktail and the musical styling of some hot ladies!

8 PM Rarechild
9 PM Beige
10 PM Zambri
11 PM millionyoung
Bear in Heaven DJ set

And if you’re feeling extra lucky, comment below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to tonight’s show… or, just buy the $8 tix here. And grab a free download of Zambri’s EP, On Call — artwork seen left, right over here.

FREEwilly CMJ Showcase Spotlight: The Ethereal Darkness of Zambri

Fronted by sister act Jessica and Cristi Jo, Zambri evokes a multitude of sound– almost as if they had recorded one perfectly pop love song and then buried it below another track filled with rhythmic sadness. A mix of ethereal vocals and gloomy undertones fill their debut EP, Bang For Changes, with an evolving dichotomy which can simply be described as beautifully relentless.

But a lot has changed for Zambri since the summer of 2009– with the inclusion of a live band, working with producer Chris Coady (who’s resume includes all your favorite bands– Delorean, Islands, Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lemonade, Telepathe, TV on the Radio… well, you get the point), and a slight shift in sound.

Not to worry, the sisters haven’t lost that solemn yet airy harmony… but if tracks like “Carry“, a collaboration with Bear In Heaven‘s Jon Philpot, are any indication we can expect a tonality that has matured past taking photos of their own feet– an era every girl must go through in order to stumble upon self realization. I suspect Zambri’s full length debut will be just that, fully realized, and far from disappointing.

FREEwilliamsburg got a chance to catch up with Cristi Jo while planning tomorrow night’s CMJ showcase at Glasslands (with the honorable Stadiums & Shrines) about the ready to be mixed full length, whether or not it is easy to create with one’s sister, and what it’s like to get bit on the ass by a loving fan. If you haven’t already, check out the rest of our awesome lineup and RSVP here to check out Zambri, and be sure to carry on after the jump to get to know the girls a little better.

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