Young Man Turns Youtube Stardom Into Haunting Debut Release

Opening with beach waves and strumming simplicity Young Man’s debut release, aptly named Boy, brings us straight into a summery trance of hypnotic proportions. Slowly unfolding into the more hopeful “Hands”, we imagine Panda Bear and Fleet Foxes having a brain child and naming him Colin Caulfield— which should ring a bell to us Youtube obsessed music lovers.

Caulfield, who has made it a habit to post hauntingly beautiful covers of notable bands such as Deerhunter, Animal Collective, and now Beach House’s “Heart of Chambers”, even garnered attention from those he has recently emulated. Bradford Cox, Deerhunter’s leading man, recently noted Caulfield’s rendition of “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” as “fantastically superior to the original.”

“It actually sent shivers up my spine, especially during the second verse,” Cox noted.

Boy closes with “Up So Fast”, that we can only assume is the title track with the repetitive declaration of “I’m a boy, I’m a little boy” — which is not just a call to losing touch with childhood but foreshadows a seriously blooming career for a Young Man. The 7 song album is streaming over yonder, and it’s sure to make your day. You can check out Young Man’s NYC debut at Governor’s Island on August 7th, opening for Local Natives, while you longingly await the October 12th release of Boy on Frenchkiss Records.