The Williamsburg Hotel’s bar is now open, Harvey is coming soon

The northern tip of Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg is slowly transforming into the hotel district. Sure, it’s making the neighborhood EVEN MORE touristy, but at least there are some great restaurants and bars associated with the properties. The Wythe Hotel houses The Ides and Reynard. The William Vale hosts Leuca and Westlight. And now, the recently opened Williamsburg Hotel has just opened its own hotel bar in its lobby. The hotel’s restaurant, Harvey, will open later this year, [Read more…]

Man arrested for throwing glassware from rooftop onto Output patrons

wytheThere was a lot of anger when Output decided to open a few years ago, but one man has taken it to a new level [Read more…]

Verboten has been seized by the government for not paying their taxes

Photo via @DanceBitchBK on Twitter

Photo via @DanceBitchBK on Twitter

After the owners had been recently sued by their employees, things got even worse for Williamsburg club Verboten [Read more…]

A Breaking Bad themed coffee shop is coming to Williamsburg

via @walterscoffee on Instagram

via @walterscoffee on Instagram

A Breaking Bad themed coffee shop from Istanbul called Walter’s Coffee Roastery, is planning to open a Williamsburg location at [Read more…]

Wythe Ave. will soon be all hotels and condos

A new report by The Real Deal reveals that Wythe Ave., currently home to the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn Bowl, two nightclubs, and various other bourgeois nightmares, will soon be inundated with expensive condos.

From the report:

Sparked by the area’s sweeping 2005 rezoning, the long-time middle-class manufacturing district traded its warehouses for glassy apartments and became the go-to neighborhood for post-college arrivals. First Bedford Avenue got a makeover, and then the waterfront. Now, the once-gritty Wythe Avenue is having its moment, with new rentals, hotels and restaurants popping up — and in a sign reminiscent of the Meatpacking District, black town cars line some blocks on weekend nights.

But the 20-block heart of Wythe Avenue — from the Williamsburg Bridge to the Greenpoint border — reveals that the transition hasn’t always been smooth. Some projects that stalled during the recession are still empty pits, even as others have resumed. “What’s happening is incredible,” said Andrew Barrocas, the CEO of brokerage MNS, which has two offices nearby. “Wythe is filling in the gaps.” Below is a look at some of the properties that are transforming the stretch.

So…the recession is over? Doesn’t seem that way to me, but hey, I’m just some idiot blogger, not a New York City real estate developer.

Now, you might be thinking that the influx of more Wall Street bro/part-time DJ/trust fund types (or whoever can afford to pay $2,600 a month for a studio) would be a bad thing. And you’d be right! But try to look on the bright side. At least with so much new housing opening up, they’ll be able to drunkenly stumble back and forth between their apartments and the shitty bars and clubs where they hang out without having to call for car service, which means you can drunkenly bike around with less risk of being hit by a black cab. Small victories.

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There’s another new nightclub in Williamsburg?

On the heels of Williamsburg dance club Output opening on Wythe and North 12th, another club called TBA Brooklyn has opened on Wythe and South 6th. From Eater:

Look out Output, because there is a challenger to your status as Williamsburg’s hottest nightclub. But while this one is also on the oh-so-hip Wythe Avenue, it’s all the way on the south side of the ‘Burg. This club is TBA, a new dance-heavy venue that just recently opened in a former auto repair garage. TBA’s license just got approved in late February, and the club opened a few weeks after that with what seems like a no-frills decor and decent sound system.

Has anyone been? The 2 reviews on Yelp are opposites of each other. I have to say TBA could have put in a little more work during the naming meeting. “Let’s refer to it as TBA until we can think of someth….WAIT A SECOND I HAVE AN INCREDIBLY ORIGINAL IDEA THAT WILL BLOW THOSE HIPSTERS MINDS!!!”