Show Alert- White Ring and oOoOO at Glasslands Gallery 1/21

Loud and Quiet

It seems as if “Witch House” is becoming the “Chillwave” of 2012. This eerie genre of music is pretty broad if you think of it. From compressed vocals to digital downbeats, Witch House has some kind of dark allurement that is seducing every listener. This Saturday, our own New York witch duo,White Ring will be performing at Glasslands Gallery with oOoOO headlining and Sibian & Faun as the night’s opening band. As a cherry on top, F∆I†H will be spinning a DJ set. The evening is promised to be atmospherically dusky with bodies swaying to the pulses of “IxC999” and everything else White Ring feeds. Tickets are still available so get on it before they are magically gone, click here.