Thief robs Williamsburg apartment of its valuables and its dignity

hopeA woman returned to her apartment on Hope and Havermeyer last weekend to discover almost $3,00 worth of goods missing including her HP laptop and a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses. The thief, perhaps displeased that he robbed an apartment in Williamsburg and didn’t even get a Macbook or a pair of Ray-Bans decided to pay her back with #2 worth of goods in her bathroom. From [Read more…]

Starbucks’ second Williamsburg location had its liquor license denied

starbucksBrooklyn’s Community Board 1 voted to deny Starbucks’ the right to a liquor license on their forthcoming North 7th st. location last night. From DNA info:

Burrows said in this case, “the public says there isn’t an interest.”

The board vote followed impassioned arguments made by several locals, including Esther Bell from The West, which is located at 379 Union Ave., just a block away from the new Starbucks.

Bell said she she launched a petition after hearing about Starbucks’ request for a license to sell beer and wine on Monday, because she is concerned it will threaten small businesses in the neighborhood.

“We don’t need them to take over Brooklyn,” said Bell, who was applauded by the residents on Thursday.

The people haven’t won quite yet as there is still a final vote scheduled for October 20th.

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Hungry teens arrested for stealing Doritos from the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory

doritos2A 14-year-old and 15-year-old were arrested last week for breaking into the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory (Williamsburg has a Frito-Lay factory?) and stealing several cases of chips. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there’s a slight chance this idea was influenced by a recently decriminalized substance. From [Read more…]

Midnight Movies 9/26-9/28 Include Escape from New York and You’re Next

The fall horror-binge has begun, and as usual Nitehawk has you covered with some great options. This weekend’s midnight movie is You’re Next, beginning their wonderful “Final Girl” film series.  You’re Next falls pretty squarely in the “fun horror” category, along with Scream and Cabin in the Woods, playing to horror tropes without sacrificing any of the actual creepiness.  The all-white animal masks the killers wear became instantly iconic, and the “Final Girl” in this one is anything but helpless. This one makes for a perfect midnight movie. If going at midnight just isn’t your thing, Nitehawk’s brunch movie is 1963’s classic horror movie The Haunting (so not the one with Owen Wilson), and they’re presenting it in 35 mm. [Read more…]

Midnight Movie Screenings 9/19-9/21 Include Heavenly Creatures and Harold and Kumar

Alright boys and girls, it’s midnight movie time and things are about to get weird.  As usual, this weekend brings you everything including cult comedies, bizarrely violent films, and the most ‘90s movie ever made. Let’s start with the pleasant though, shall we? [Read more…]

Death By Audio Will Close in November


Death By Audio is my favourite place in New York, I’m writing this with a lump in my throat, but I think everyone wondered just how long the venue could last in the neighbourhood and unfortunately that question has been answered.

A statement from Edan Wilbur and Matt Conboy reads:

After seven years of operation Death By Audio will close on November 22, 2014. Running this space has been an incredible undertaking and a joy since day one. We have been fortunate enough to host bands from all over the US and the world nearly every night of the week. Amazingly, we’ve hosted in excess of 1000 acts a year for the past seven years. The effect pedal company will remain open and relocate to a temporary space until we find a more permanent home.
When we first moved onto south 2nd street the only things on our block were a used police car lot and several empty buildings. Now there are a half dozen expensive restaurants, bars, a daycare center and a new condo building (that was an empty lot when we moved in). All ages DIY music venues are almost by definition temporary, and we feel fortunate to have lasted in this space for this long. We knew from the beginning that it couldn’t last forever and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has preformed or attended any of our shows. We are still weighing options about what happens next and will let everyone know more about the future of Death By Audio as soon as we can.
Our closing party starts Wednesday Sept 10 and we will have great programing for these last 75 days. We are looking forward to putting on some really incredible shows to send off what has been one of the greatest undertakings of our lives. We hope to see you there.
Edan and Matt
P.S. If you’re in Hot Snakes please get in touch.

I can only offer my most sincere thanks to Edan and Matt for everything they have done. DBA was the best place to see shows, and I saw alot, despite its ramshackle appearance the sound was great and the atmosphere was always welcoming and without judgement. No-one was there just to have a water-cooler conversation the next day about where they were the previous night, it was all about the music. I hope that Death By Audio does have a future, somewhere. I’m an atheist but for want of a better word, DBA truly felt like a spiritual home.

In the meantime, check out the venue’s website for current bookings, there will no doubt be some pretty special shows coming up.

Photo of Thee Oh Sees by Chris Quartly

Williamsburg man upset by ‘hipsters’ found guilty of making phony 911 complaints

spikehill53-year-old Williamsburg resident Louis Segna was found guilty of making phony 911 calls to complain about made up incidents happening around his apartment at North 7th and Bedford. He was found guilty for three calls, but was believed to have made over 400 complaints. Some of the calls were regarding noise levels and some calls were much more serious. From [Read more…]

Menu: The Gorbals is open in Williamsburg


Reservations are now available, which seems dumb, since this joint is on top of an effin Urban Outfitters. From Eater:

The New York outpost of Ilan Hall’s LA restaurant The Gorbals opens for dinner tonight in Williamsburg’s new Urban Outfitters “concept store” Space Ninety 8. The menu features several dishes cooked over the restaurant’s large wood-fire grill, including lamb ribs, porgy with bonito butter, and bone marrow with hen of the woods mushrooms and creamed walnuts. Other items include banh mi poutine, whole roasted pig head, and the well-known cheeky bacon-wrapped matzo balls. The promised large-format schnitzel “with the hoof still on” turns out to be a “chicken schnitzel with talon.”

Here’s the menu: [Read more…]