Brooklyn will get 6,073 new apartments in 2016

Brooklyn is crowded as hell and only getting worse. Oh, you think it’s bad now? Here’s to 2016!

Brooklyn is now officially the fastest growing apartment submarket in the country, according to Forbes. Last year, 969 new apartment units came to market. And this year Brooklyn will gain an unfathomable 6,073 apartments.

And demand is high! 97.4% of Brooklyn apartment units are rented and occupied.

What does that mean for you, dear Williamsburg resident? In terms of inventory, Williamsburg made up 21% of the new units in 2015, the most amongst Brooklyn neighborhoods. And Williamsburg also saw the greatest increase in average rents, rising 10.5%: $3,167 up to $3,499. Great. So we’ll get a majority of the units, which will also be the most expensive.

This large increase is mostly attributed to the 509 rental unit building at 1 N.4th Place that you’ve undoubtedly seen advertised in your social feeds.

In a sentence: in 2016 Williamsburg will get thousands of new apartments, the most expensive apartments in Brooklyn.

Hell, 2017 is already slated for 2,001 new apartments.

And the Whole Foods opens next month.

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Image via

Image via

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Photo via John Maceda/Gothamist

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Elevator malfunction kills man in Williamsburg apartment building

hopestExtremely sad and scary news from CBS today:

A 37-year-old man was killed as he tried to escape a stuck elevator in Brooklyn early Friday morning.

The victim with a group of people in the elevator of an upscale building located at 156 Hope St. in Williamsburg shortly before 4:30 a.m. when it suddenly dropped nearly three feet, 1010 WINS’ Roger Stern reported.

The man tried to climb out through the open doors, but the elevator moved again and crushed him, Stern reported.

“All of a sudden the elevator just drops and then shoots straight up; it was so fast,” a woman who was in the elevator at the time of the incident told CBS2’s Steve Langford. “As it went down, he tried to jump out because the doors were still open, and it shot straight up. When it shot straight up it took his body with him.”

Read more at CBS.

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