Music video: Wild Flag “Electric Band”

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t enjoy the Wild Flag record. Like NPR says: “Wild Flag’s self-titled debut boasts some of the catchiest songs of the band members’ careers.” Plus, they look like they are having a blast doing it. Here’s a Bad News Bears-esque clip for “Electric Band,” one of those infectious punk pop songs from the album. NPR debuted the Hollerings-directed video this morning, and there’s no real reason to not put it on repeat all day.

Watch Wild Flag’s video for “Romance”

I’m a little stuck in thinking that this Wild Flag video is part of a larger Portlandia skit. Partially because Carrie Brownstein is in it (and shredding), and partially because it is just that kind of weirdo style. Tom Scharpling directed this clip and it is completely up to par with his ever-growing catalogue of videos (see also: Ted Leo’s “Bottled in Cork,” New Pornographers “Moves,” et al.) This video will make you want to leave your day job, start a punk rock girl group and go to yard sales.

The record this song is from (Wild Flag) is streaming on NPR right now. Get to it!