Yes the NY Times did a piece on fashion at the Williamsburg Whole Foods

wholefoodsThere has been many a moment over the last few years where we thought that we had truly reached peak Williamsburg. However, The NY Times doing a fashion piece on what people are wearing to the Williamsburg Whole Foods proves that there’s always a little bit farther we can go. Some of the professions of the people profiled in the piece shockingly include: photographer, model, art handler, DJ and Reiki practitioner. You can see the piece right here. I can’t knock it too much though as it gave us one incredible photo. I think we can universally agree that this man (posing at the #1 most Instagrammed spot in Brooklyn) is fantastic and should be the face of La Croix: [Read more…]

Curbed assesses a “new, post-gentrification era for Bedford Avenue”


Now that there’s a Whole Foods, a Starbucks, an Apple store and gaggles of bros on Bedfod Ave, Curbed took the time to do a block-by-block assessment of the gentrification. They’re still serving drinks at the Turkey’s Nest and slinging slices at Vinnie’s. Still, it’s hard not to lament all that has changed:

The William Vale Hotel, located at the corner of North 12th Street and Wythe Avenue, is clearly visible when standing near the McCarren Park tennis courts. The oddly-shaped lodging is due to open this year. [Read more…]

The Williamsburg Whole Foods opened today

photo by Jenn Morrissey

photo by Jenn Morrissey

The long awaited nail in the Williamsburg gentrification coffin/great place to get fresh food in the neighborhood Whole Foods opened today at 289 Bedford Ave. It features an in-store Jewish Deli, a Luke’s Lobster cart, seasonal OddFellows Ice cream flavors and so [Read more…]

Apple announces their Williamsburg store is opening next week

appleAccording to Apple’s website their long awaited Bedford Avenue store (at North 3rd) will open on [Read more…]

Is Williamsburg’s Whole Foods a food court or a grocer?


It’s beginning to sound more like the latter. In a press release issued yesterday, Whole Foods’ reps announced that there will be seven food vendors inside the market plus an Odd Fellows outpost where you can have dessert. The store is slotted to open July 26 on Bedford at at 238 Bedford Ave:

N4: Paying homage to Williamsburg’s storied roots, N4 is a restaurant and tap room offering an all-natural take on a traditional Jewish delicatessen. As an exclusive to Whole Foods Market Williamsburg, N4 has collaborated with Red Hook Winery for an exclusive array of wines on draft. Additionally, the venue’s entire craft cocktail list features only New York state local liquors. [Read more…]

The Williamsburg Whole Foods is officially opening in July

Photo via Brooklyn Eagle

Photo via Brooklyn Eagle

After years of construction and speculation the Whole Foods on North 4th and Bedford finally has [Read more…]

Williamsburg grocery wars: Foodtown is suing Whole Foods

photo via @lechickon on Twitter

photo via @lechickon on Twitter

The owners of Foodtown on North 3rd street are suing the developers of the almost finished Whole Foods on Bedford Ave. From [Read more…]

Brooklyn will get 6,073 new apartments in 2016

Brooklyn is crowded as hell and only getting worse. Oh, you think it’s bad now? Here’s to 2016!

Brooklyn is now officially the fastest growing apartment submarket in the country, according to Forbes. Last year, 969 new apartment units came to market. And this year Brooklyn will gain an unfathomable 6,073 apartments.

And demand is high! 97.4% of Brooklyn apartment units are rented and occupied.

What does that mean for you, dear Williamsburg resident? In terms of inventory, Williamsburg made up 21% of the new units in 2015, the most amongst Brooklyn neighborhoods. And Williamsburg also saw the greatest increase in average rents, rising 10.5%: $3,167 up to $3,499. Great. So we’ll get a majority of the units, which will also be the most expensive.

This large increase is mostly attributed to the 509 rental unit building at 1 N.4th Place that you’ve undoubtedly seen advertised in your social feeds.

In a sentence: in 2016 Williamsburg will get thousands of new apartments, the most expensive apartments in Brooklyn.

Hell, 2017 is already slated for 2,001 new apartments.

And the Whole Foods opens next month.