Top 5 shows of the weekend


Is today the grossest day of the year? It just might be, it’s almost like you need a machete to cut through the humidity, hopefully tonight’s storms will help. Anyway, let’s not beat about the bush as you have weekend plans to make…

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Pre-Game Pop Up Shop This Weekend

This Saturday & Sunday 1/26-27, 1-8pm

Come join in on the fun. This weekend kicking off tomorrow at 1pm swing by and shop, get your hair cut, or just to listen to some dope music.

Hosted by ScooP da Realest

Products by:
Greater Goods & Co., Leroy Jenkins Ltd., Her Threads, CooperLane, Vintage, We Print Brooklyn

With DJ’s:
Drewbyrd, Deemehlow, DJ Reason, Gully Duckets, Jerk Chicken, DJ Mackee

..also Celebrating the Born Day of Trill Bellamy!

ALE Studios
750 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY

For more information go to the official event facebook page here.

Freewilliamsburg & My Social List present Halloween

Freewilliamsburg & My Social List present Halloween

It’s widely accepted that one of the absolute best nights out of the year is Halloween.  The calendar provides not one other date in which it is not only socially acceptable, but your responsibility as a red-blooded, flag-waving AMERICAN to parade around intoxicated in a ridiculous outfit; unless you live in Bushwick, that is.  I do… but I’m pumped anyway.  At least, I am now, because up until today, the lineup for Halloween shows was pretty disappointing.


That’s why we enlisted our good friend Kristina Tequila to work on putting together the absolute BEST Halloween experience of 2012 for us (us being My Social List and this here blog, FREEwilliamsburg), a show in the industrial-DIY wasteland that is 285 Kent, co-headlined by two of the absolute best post-punk and darkwave bands in the borough, Weekend and Black Marble.

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Cold Showers & Weekend played 285 Kent

Last night at 285 Kent Ave. Cold Showers and Weekend.

Raiders of the Lost McCarren Park Scavenger Hunt

image c/o i keep a diary

Unless you’re one of those go-getters pounding rubber balls at people or hustling out jello shots/hipster dating/electric violin CDs, a hang in McCarren Park is usually more on the unproductive, chillin’ side.

So why not be active, make new friends and explore Williamsburg and Greenpoint with a scavenger hunt hosted by a fellow local?!

Here are the details:

What: Scavenger Hunt in North Brooklyn!
When: Saturday, August 27th at 3pm
Where: Meet at Berry Park (4 Berry Street at N 14th St) for the list and instructions
How: Participants will be grouped in teams of up to 4 people, but everyone make sure to bring a digital camera/smart phone!

For more information, email [email protected]

UPDATE: postponed due to Hurricane Irene

Fatty ‘Cue Meets The Brooklyn Star

image c/o The MMMguide...

image c/o Tasting Table

This weekend, two of the neighborhood’s foodie finest – Fatty ‘Cue and The Brooklyn Star – are switching it up to showcase each other’s famous carnivorous fare.

On Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27, you can dine on The Brooklyn Star’s fried pig tails with jalapeno onion hush puppies at Fatty ‘Cue. In turn, dig into Fatty ‘Cue’s lamb ribs, cincalok and white wine brine and garlic-lemon emulsion at The Brooklyn Star. And with different chefs at the helm, it’s likely you’ll be experiencing new spins on old favorites.

East River Ferry Too Cool To Run On Schedule

image c/o The New York Times

Recapping some of your weekend commuting options:

The L sucks.

The G sucks.

And now the East River Ferry may or may not suck.

Today, the NY Waterway issued a special advisory, stating:

[T]he large number of travelers we are carrying has resulted in many boats reaching their Coast Guard mandated capacity and the loading and unloading of large crowds has at times caused delays in scheduled departures. We expect this to last throughout the free trial period which ends on June 24.  If you plan on using the East River Ferry during the free period, especially during the weekend of June 18th and 19th, you should anticipate long boarding delays.

Oh well. Chillax – it’s the weekend!.  Enjoy the view during that long platform/pier wait, or simply explore those other alternative modes of transportation.

Imaginary Arms opens Saturday

Joseph O'Neal, joan of arc, 27.5" x 64" acrylic, chalk on found wood

They say it might snow again this weekend. I am so over this weather. Come in out of the cold, and don’t miss , Imaginary Arms, an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and photography opening Saturday at ARCH Collective NYC, 390-400 Troutman St. The show features bluetan art collective members Joseph O’Neal and recent addition Joe Strasser, along with Clark Russell, Grover Watts and Jeremy McDaniel. Rumor has it, the the avant-garde pirate Alex Chaplin, might show a secret installation.

Joseph O’Neal claims North Carolina as his lifelong home, but resides in Brooklyn. Critics say his work “creates a transcendental dialogue through a system driven by the archaic. Symbols, phonetics, and imagery come descendent from a past that, in the words of Motherwell, ‘…could only have been conceived of at present.” According to O’Neal,

“The work consists of two variables: the problem and the resolution. Both variables are present in the end result, like the shaking of hands at a peace treaty. The handshake dissolves my relevancy.”

Jeremy McDaniel is a sculptor and installation artist from Atlanta. A military school dropout, he feels his art is imperative to his discipline.

Joe Strasser worked often with bluetan, and recently fell in to the ranks. If an artist is influenced by his surroundings, The now Brooklyn based Strasser has a lot to go on; the suburbs of New Jersey, a van on a Hawaiian beach, a campground in Woodstock, to Miami, Fl. Of his work, he said,

“ It has taken me over 20 years to completely paint what I want. My work is mostly about using found material and placing it in a new context and giving it new life. This creates a certain kind of poetry with the found detritus. I also believe sex and death should always be present in a piece…”

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