Wu Goo – Ghostface Killah introduces his signature concentrated weed line

h/t Gothamist

Ghostface worked with vape pen company Dynamite Stix to create/brand Wu Goo, and his longtime colleague Killah Priest is promoting it as well. Considering it’s been years since the release of his personalized, spicy beer and the fact that vaping is all the rage, Wu Goo seems like a solid business decision from Ghostface Killah. At the very least, it’s given us another solid single while we wait for him to (hopefully) release Supreme Clientele 2 later this year.

The NYC Cannabis Film Festival is coming to Williamsburg next week

nycNew York City’s first weed themed film festival is coming to the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg on September 26th. From [Read more…]

Photos: Back when Williamsburg was a jungle of marijuana

Weed found near the Williamsburg Bridge is uprooted and loaded into a truck. - 1951

Weed found near the Williamsburg Bridge is uprooted and loaded into a truck. – 1951

Back in the early 1950’s there was weed growing all over Williamsburg (and other parts of Brooklyn), but the city decided to change [Read more…]

Roberta’s Serves Up A Marijuana Margherita Pizza On Pot Tasting Menu

How do we get a private tasting? via GQ:

That’s why we turned to our friends at Roberta’s, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a pizzeria-cum-culinary-empire whose bold tasting menu recently caused former New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton to tweet, simply: “Am rarely speechless. But #robertas #bklyn.” The guys who run the place are whip-smart and wild-eyed, such hard partiers that a night out with them is equal to three nights out with average men. And so they set about designing a threecourse, two-cocktail weed tasting menu that would leave us stoned and sated. We were still high twenty-four hours after eating it […]

Pizza Course
Margherita: marijuananara sauce, buffalo mozzarella, “oregano”

Pot pesto: ricotta, prosciutto cotto, hemp-seed dough

(Most stoners have to smoke their weed and then eat their pizza. But not me.)

Parsley cake made with weed butter, topped with a weed-brittle sheet; green-strawberryrhubarb gelato with weed cream

(My scrawled notes read “This needz 2 happen allo the time.”)

More information about Roberta’s here.

Seshroulette: It's Like Chatroulette But Instead Of Dongs It's Got Bongs

I’ve got a piece on The Daily Beast today about Seshroulette — a new site where stoners chat it up on video and get high. Thought you guys might enjoy, soooo ba-zing, here’s a link and an excerpt.

“Where da weed attt,” my partner asked, staring out at me on webcam from an anonymous bedroom somewhere in the world.

She looked young, 18, maybe, and was drinking from a can of Yoo-hoo. Weedless, I took a sip of wine, hoping she would assume I was “cool,” and began typing.

Amanda, it would turn out, was from Austin, Texas. This was her second night videochatting on Seshroulette.com—a new site for marijuana users to smoke together on camera, randomly.

Amanda’s older brother had introduced her to Seshroulette the night before and they had spent hours getting high with strangers. She had met some “funky people,” some teenagers, and decided it was different than smoking with real-life friends but that “that’s what makes it more fun.”

It works like Chatroulette—the original randomized video-chatting service that made waves on the Internet earlier this year—except here users are paired with strangers to have face-to-face smoke sessions.

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