Williamsburg’s Bedford Ave Gets Its Own Kinda Creepy Webcam: Styleblaster

From the Styleblaster website:

Since the early 2000s, Williamsburg has been a neighborhood popular with a new cultural elite, the heirs of the artists and hipsters who in years past were attracted by its location, one subway stop from Manhattan.

Now in 2012, the neighborhood is poised on the cusp of a new change as the repercussions of recent zoning changes, combined with inland condo construction, have literally paved the way for a new breed of stylish and sassy individuals. A place for the fashionable to be seen, Williamsburg’s stretch of Bedford Avenue is often described as a modern Haight-Ashbury, a cultural mecca for the Millenial generation.

To answer the changing times, we introduce Styleblaster, a realtime account of what people in Williamsburg are wearing. Unlike a typical streetstyle blog, Styleblaster documents all — the visiting fashion plates, the hipsters and have-nots, the native Polish and Italian proud who have for years called this neighborhood home. And above all — the dapper salarymen and businesswomen who stand to inherit the area.

Situated a block from the hellmouth of the Bedford “L” subway train, our camera aims down the street, capturing Williamsburg on the hoof. Moments after a person enters into the frame, the camera snaps, sending its image onto our blog. For the online fashion browser, a boon: the blog updates in realtime, showcasing each new image as quick as it can be appraised. Online viewers can watch a live feed, peruse a recent history of images, or compare shots over the days and weeks as FW-2012 blossoms into SS-2013.

We’re not sure what’s going on here.