“I Hate Being Single” – funny Williamsburg web series from original Broad City director


Are you watching I Hate Being Single? You should be because it’s funny and it takes place in Williamsburg. The director, Rob Michael Hugel, launched Season 2 in February and the humor will remind you of early Broad City webisodes. Here’s Episode 3 from the new season, starring Shalyah Evans of Girl Code and many local settings:

Catch up with Episode 1 of the new season below: [Read more…]

Psychodrama’s Second Session: a web series you should be watching

psychodrama 2

It’s rather serendipitous: 3 aspiring actors befriend each other in the same class at the William Esper Studio in NYC. They (Kimmy Foskett, Liza Renzulli and Luisa Fidalgo) slowly come to realize that intense hangovers, cute hipster boys and aspirations aren’t the only thing they have in common; they have the same therapist! They realize… hey, guys. This could be something?

Thus begins the brainstorm for the first season of Psychodramaa web series of short themed clips, each involving events and conversations that have really happened to these 3 ladies in their time here in NYC as 20-somethings. And with titles like Indecision, Sex, Jealousy, Motivation and Communication, these episodes connect with the viewer, no matter how much acting you’ve done or therapy you’ve been to. The writing is sharp and smart and perfectly relatable (props to Kimmy and Liza).

The show is not just relatable, either. The production and direction of this show are incredibly professional, especially for these CHIX on a budget (they’ve used crowd-funding sites for both seasons). I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality and content, so I was really happy to hear that there would be a Second Session this winter (watch the entire first session here). [Read more…]

Love’s a Bitch: a funny web series filmed around Williamsburg


This one goes out to all you recent singles. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and  a great reminder of how much love sucks. The upside? Half off candy today.

To sooth your sorrows and chocolate hangover, check out this web series filmed around Williamsburg from Official Comedy:

Love’s a Bitch is a show about love. Specifically, getting over it. It follows a couple that breaks up, only to find out they have no idea how to be alone. On the road to recovery, they both go through terrible, hilarious experiences that make their failed relationship seem like an ideal alternative. The show stars Jamie Lee (MTV’s “Girl Code”) and Josh Rabinowitz (Comedy Central “Adam Devine’s House Party”) and features a bunch of other New York comedians, like Joe Pera, Kevin Barnett, Dan Wilbur, Jermaine Fowler, and more.

Watch the first episode below: [Read more…]

Nights in Ultraviolet

Forget being a foodie, the new NEW Brooklyn trend is producing a web series.

There is Broad City, with its fancy New York Times profile and comparisons to HBO’s Girls. There is I Hate Being Single with its Upright Citizen’s Brigade cast and now there is Nights in UltraViolet, who borrowed actors from both shows (still a small “artisan” community, apparently) and is still putting out episodes and getting buzz. I’m sure there are 6794509 more and I’ll hear about every single one in PR blasts after this post. Thanks in advance, readers.

Nights in UltraViolet follows a shut-in author of legal thrillers who joins his freeloading friends for a night out, triggering a series of inexplicable events that HMMM mirror his stories? The latest episode, “The Whole World is Out To Get You” opens with slo-mo music video shot in the ‘burg. We can all get down with that.

You can catch up episodes at www.nightsinuv.com. Get to Nights and the rest of the web series before New York Times Style section gets to it, which Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan has aptly called “the herald of any modern day cultural apocalypse.”