CoCo's Ratings Were Higher

Victory is the sweetest revenge.

When NBC fired Conan O’Brien, they said his numbers sucked and Letterman was beating him and they were losing money. So they replaced him with Jay Leno. The bad news is that Leno gets even lower numbers than Conan did. The badder news is that Lenos comeback numbers have dropped and now he doesn’t beat Letterman either. So if NBC’s plan was to piss away 200 million dollars on a complete clusterfuck, mission accomplished!


Say 'Hebbo' to Tarvuism!

There’s a new Church of Tarvu recruitment video:

The original after the jump:

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Brownstone: New Brooklyn-inspired Font

Ale Paul, a designer, and his friend Jon Parker developed a new Brooklyn-inspired font called Brownstone. The full font files, which include alternates, small caps, uppercase ligatures, lowercase ligatures, frame characters, frames, and punctuation, is available via this link.


Here’s how the designer describes it:

Brownstone, the face born from these explorations, is an original 21st-century design, yet one subtly infused with historical and cultural references – keen observers might spot influences from decorative typefaces of 19th-century foundries. And just as faces from that era were influenced by contemporary architecture, the frames included with Brownstone echo the ornate iron railings of Park Slope’s row houses. (There’s also a slight 1960s vibe to Brownstone, of novelty swash-sans photocompositing faces, that can be played up at your discretion.)
Influences aside, Brownstone has broad appeal to modern audiences. A soft, monoline sans-serif, with elements of Swiss geometry (see the ‘k’ and ‘x’), its marriage of highly legible, draftsman-like letterforms with decorative swashes and ornaments reflects the old-meets-new aesthetic of the DIY craft culture seen in Brooklyn and other urban centers. It’s ornamental but unfussy, romantic but understated -√É‚Äö√Ǭù a design theme well-suited to recession-era cynicism.

via Typography Served

The most efficient use of apartment space… ever

Wait, so how exactly can one fit 24 rooms into a 344 square foot apartment? Oh, by being an absolute genius.

It’s about time someone designed a place where the rooms come to me instead the other way around. Just think about how many more residents the Domino Sugar developers could squeeze in if they utilized this kind of design!

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Oh, and a big F.U. to the morons who are supporting Arizona’s backwards immigration law. (NSFW)

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Trade your art for a doctor's visit.

Got the sniffles? Instead of waiting for the Obama plan to kick in, did you know you can trade your art (or music, film, acting, dance, or anything really) for medical care at the Bushwick-based Woodhull Hospital?
As the blog Brokelyn reports, the plan is called Artist Access and allows folks to volunteer their skills, time and/or services to the hospital in exchange for credits (1 hour = about $40 worth of care). And it’s not just emergency room visits either — you can trade for dental work or even prescription drugs.
All participants must be NYC residents, making a living through art (of any kind), and will need to first enroll in HHC Options, one of New York City’s low-to medium-income health care plans.
So quit googling your symptoms (those results can be scary y’all) or hitting your friends up for their expired prescriptions and go to the damn doctor already.
H/T Brokelyn

Meet Walter, Lucky Puppy of Brooklyn

This is a short story about a puppy named Walter.
He was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn Easter night of this year, scared and burned after having been “dipped in chemicals” and thrown from a car by someone who had presumably tried to cure the little guy of a case of the Mange.
Alex Darsey, resident on 15th Street and 3rd Avenue, found him and took him to the vet, where he was given antibiotics and medicated soap to treat his raw skin. Things were looking up. But then, his temperature and desire to eat went south. Walter had to go back to the vet, where, “his temperature was so low it didn’t register on the thermometer” and he had to go get fluids from an IV & go in a heated incubator. Medical expenses for Darsey and his friends were getting expensive. So, they asked the internet for some help.
A little over a week later, thanks to the donations of many generous individuals via the internet, Walter is going to be just fine and “grow up a healthy, loved, and happy dog.” They have enough money to pay for his care, and thanks to the staff at The Veterinary Emergency Referral Group, Walter is going to live happily ever after, the end.
Quotes via Help Save Walter; photo via the Facebook group.

Clip: Zach Galifianakis in Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!

Zach Galifianakis (whose last name movable type hilariously spell-checks to egalitarianism or galileans) shows up in this coming Sunday’s episode of Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job! as “the greatest dancer of his generation” and now leotard-clad dance instructor who rules with an iron lip.

Clip via Pop Candy