Holiday weed jam from Best Coast and Wavves

Now that Halloween is in the past, it is inevitable that the Christmas creep will begin. So Target is apparently jumping on the make-an-indie-holiday-comp game. Best Coast and Wavves teamed up for a song. “Got Something For You” is poppy and sun-tinged and saccharine with sleigh bells being the defining characteristic making it a Christmas song. Listen to this and the rest of the contributions to the compilation at the Target site, and hopefully catch them playing it live on their upcoming tours. Just don’t try to smoke the mistletoe this winter.

Wavves Grows Up, But (Luckily?) His Fans Don't

Last night, in celebration of the Northside Festival’s opening night, things got messy at the Knitting Factory– but not the kind of mess you may already associate with Nathan Williams (a.k.a. Wavves). I mean, of course, in that beer soaked slam dancing sort of way. And although some of his fans may not be on the path to adulthood just yet, according to his new band members the now frontman of Wavves, Williams, has quite possibly done some growing up [via]:

I left before Wavves took the stage after getting soaked in sweat scented beer (though the Village Voice caught me on the bright side), but let’s talk Dom and Cloud Nothings (and a live performance video that perfectly personifies them) after the jump.

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