Video: Here’s what the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront looked like in 1992

williamsburg1992Check out this short video that was recently uploaded to YouTube by photographer Roland Andrijauskas of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg waterfront in 1992. The clip shows the rawness of the early 90’s waterfront (try to ignore the weird alien transmissions in the audio) when the twin towers were visible behind smoke stacks. Watch below:


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Extreme design for the future of Domino Sugar Factory revealed

Two Trees Management Co. has revealed has revealed its plans for their redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Factory. The bold waterfront designs were crafted by SHoP Architects who were responsible for The Barclay’s Center. From Brooklyn Eagle:

one tower is shaped like a giant zero, another balances apartments atop offices with a hole in the middle, a third features terraced residences stacked along Kent Avenue, and the southernmost edifice is a pair of pencil-thin towers connected by a bridge that could become Brooklyn’s tallest structure at 598 feet and 55 stories.

These dramatic alterations, including a request to build 20 stories taller than the previous owners Community Preservation Corporation Resources, will force Two Trees to take the project through the city’s approval process for a second time.

Tallest building in Brooklyn? Number shaped structures on the waterfront? This is a lot to process, but it sounds like there’s still an awful lot that needs to happen before this becomes a reality. Read more at Brooklyn Eagle.


World-class museum proposed for North Brooklyn waterfront

Photo by John Niedermeyer

Community group Town Square Inc. is proposing a museum for the Williamsburg or Greenpoint waterfronts. From Brooklyn Paper:

Town Square Inc. is looking for a waterfront site in Williamsburg and Greenpoint that could host a world-class facility on the scale of Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History or the New York Hall of Science in Queens in the next six years.

“We want this to be one of the things on the list when you are a visitor to New York City,” said co-organizer Darrick Borowski. “We want you to cross the East River to come here.”

The museum will have interactive exhibits, an educational center, and scientists in residence.

“We’re looking for scientists who are interested in art and artists who are interested in science,” said Borowski. “We want to highlight the intersection between those two.”

It sounds like the project is still very much in it’s infancy, but an interesting idea nonetheless. Read more at Brooklyn Paper.


Reminder: Brooklyn Waterfront Beer Festival

Thirsty? If it’s beer you crave, then you’re in luck! This Saturday, June 16, is the Waterfront Brooklyn Beer Festival, held at 5 North 11th Street.

This beerfest includes lots of food (The Morris Truck, Cornelius, Cool Haus, Sheep Station, The Brooklyn Star, Sigmund’s, and South Brooklyn Pizza) and live music (The Nepotist, The Suit & TYree & BiggThurrsty, Isle of Rhodes, In Like Lions, and Vinyette).

Also, this Sunday, June 17, is Father’s Day. If you didn’t know that already (you’re welcome for the reminder), you probably haven’t gotten him a gift yet. So, this could be your answer – spending quality time downing beers with Dad will probably make him much happier than a new tie or the classic “World’s Best Dad” mug.

Tickets are on sale now, with two sessions and three different ticket packages. Happy Beer Day!

“Post-Concert Drug Orgy Mob Nightmare” at Williamsburg Waterfront

In an open letter to Open Space Alliance, a Williamsburg Waterfront resident is reporting blatant drug abuse outside last weekend’s Widespread Panic show. Despite her attempt at calling police attention to the “hundreds of people” gathering around nitrous oxide balloon sellers, the “lawless drug nightmare” continued unabated.

Although no arrests were made, police found three empty nitrous oxide containers and are allegedly investigating. According to The Brooklyn Paper, while this was the first instance of nitrous oxide abuse officers discovered at the Waterfront series, residents have complained of similar incidents outside Brooklyn Bowl six months ago.

Need visuals? Watch part one of the concerned resident’s nine-part “post-concert drug orgy mob nightmare” video series below:

Luckily, locals will get a small reprieve from all that merrymakin’ after Fleet Foxes and The Walkmen close out the 2011 Waterfront series this Saturday, September 24.

USPS Officially Declares Waterfront Less Cool

image c/o Gothamist

Sorry priced-out Manhattan folks at The Edge.  Gothamist reports receipt of the new Williamsburg zip code divide, and the luxury condos will be among those forced to adopt the new 11249.

The zipcode change spans Bedford Avenue to the waterfront.

The rest of us can still claim the uber-hip original gangsta 11211.  Represent, yo.

– J. Rachel Reyes

Waterfront Shows weren’t, but now are happening again

Welp, we already knew that the Jelly parties were not returning to the Waterfront this summer. But yesterday the internet was blowing up trying to determine the fate of East River State Park concerts as a whole. Two nights ago at a community board meeting, a consensus was reached that the community does not want the concerts in their hood. According to Brooklyn 365:

What came up was the waterfront concert series held at the Williamsburg Waterfront / East River State Park and the cluster-fuck it causes every Saturday and Sunday. The throngs of people ebbing and flowing and the VERY loud music being pumped through the sound stage were the biggest issue and as such, the board voted to ban the waterfront concert series at East River State Park (Williamsburg Waterfront).

But apparently, according to the Open Space Alliance, the organization putting on the shows at the Waterferont, there will still be events held at the location. This summer will see 10 ticketed and five free concerts at the park, all yet to be announced, but definitely not Jelly’s Pool Parties.

I am exhausted by this back and forth. And in addition to the waterfront shows, there is also that new 5,000-person show space being worked on at McCarren Park, where Beirut will be playing for Northside Festival in June. For more info on that, head over to BrooklynVegan.

Watch: Pavement reunion at the Williamsburg Waterfront

Pavement played the first of many NYC reunion shows last night on the Williamsburg Waterfront, and Big Ass Lens was there to capture and document the experience. The band played material spanning their entire career, including “Unfair”, the video above. Lots more footage, including a 4 song mega mix, and review of the show over at Big Ass Lens.