Latest on VW and Beach House; Plus, New Beach House Video: Lazuli

East Williamsburg’s Call Box Lounge was featured in the bar scenes of the video, with additional scenes shot down the street on the corner of Division Pl and Porter Ave. To break up a full day of shooting scenes at an apartment on Meserole and Lorimer, Cause & [Effect] director Allen Cordell ushered the production team to nosh on classic diner fare on Meeker at the Sunset Diner. Green screen effects shots were filmed at Nut Roaster Studios (part of Brooklyn Fireproof) on Ingraham St.

In other Beach House news, the Wall Street Journal has the latest scoop on VW allegedly ripping off the band’s song “Take Care”:

In late March, the indie rock duo Beach House received the kind of offer that many young bands hope for these days: an advertising agency in London wanted to license a song for a Volkswagen commercial. The tune, “Take Care,” highlighted the Baltimore band’s “dream pop” sound, and featured a simple, repeating guitar phrase and the hypnotic vocals of singer Victoria Legrand.

The band declined the deal, saying that the song’s aesthetic didn’t match the proposed concept of the commercial. Over the next month, the ad agency, DDB, repeated its appeal to Beach House about five more times, according to band manager Jason Foster…. In a statement, VW said that when it was developing the ad’s concept it had settled on using music from the “dream pop” genre. After considering “dozens” of existing songs and reaching out to “several” bands, including Beach House, the company commissioned its own track, according to the statement.

“We greatly respect the talent of Beach House and never set out to replicate a specific song of theirs or anyone else’s. Most important to us was to find a track which matched the narrative of the advert, telling the story of the daughter’s growing up and the evolving relationship with her father, and we believe we have achieved this in the final edits,” VW said in the statement.

Posted on Twitter, the band’s response to the statement was short and sweet:
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