Kanye’s SNL Ballet

El Guincho- Bombay

As our previous article notes, he’s playing with Ablehearts at Cameo tonight. But have you seen the insane experimental WTF that is the Bombay video? Watch full screen. NSFW!

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

Or if in case you are feeling a different pace, check out SOARS CD release party tonight at Glasslands around the corner.

Belle & Sebastian – Williamsburg Waterfront

Somehow we dodged the rain and managed to see a great show from our favorite Scottish band, their first show in the U.S. since 2006. Here’s the encore.

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We Miss The Summer, Like A Lot

While clearing out my inbox (8083+ unread emails, yikes) and staring out my office window into the hazy overcast of impending shitstorm, I came across this video of the super awesome Rock Yard shows that came into existence this summer as a welcomed throwback answer to the Jelly Pool Parties of ‘yore.

So get out your calendars and start marking down the days to Summer 2011– and for now, just get half-depressed and half-turned on by running girls in bikinis:

Grass Widow Was Here – Monster Island Video

After having played a crowded Old Firehouse in Manhattan the night before, Grass Widow destroyed at Brooklyn’s packed and fairly muggy Monster Island Basement on Tuesday. Apparently the A/C had died just before the show, setting a toasty sauna vibe throughout the night. My two cents on this: Air conditioning is for old people anyway. Some things just have to be earned the hard way, especially when it comes to Brooklyn warehouse shows. They have always been sweltering affairs. Last night, promoter ToddP, took it back to the basics if you will. And in all honesty, the heat wasn’t even half as bad as at the infamous Erykah Badu show earlier this year.
Below is a video edit of Grass Widow’s “Celebrate the Mundane”.

New Violens Video Is Pretty Sexy, Huh?

Remember that Chris Isaak video for “Wicked Game” that pretty much changed your life and made you sexually aware at the tender age of 5? Other than dripping pure sex, the reason why those shots worked were because of the complete inclusion into an intimacy that usually isn’t shared with strangers. In Violens newest video for “Acid Reign (‘In The Trees’ Mix)” we get a glimpse into another intimacy, but this time it’s the teary eyed Jorge Elbrecht “doing his best George Michael“. Or maybe he’s just sweaty… either way, we’re into it.

Jason Schwartzman shills for The New Yorker

See Jason Schwartzman in various states of undress in this Roman Coppola directed viral ad for The New Yorker‘s new iPad app. I’m trying to hate on the obvious demographic skewing (at one point he answers his iPhone with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while a cup of organic coffee sits in front of him) but I have a (very) soft spot for Schwartzman. You got me, Don Draper.

Smoke Monster Rolls Up Metro [VIDEO]

Saw this truck pulling up Metropolitan Ave. this morning, clearly on the verge of either exploding or just breaking down. The Goods Truck’s burgers are tastin’ extra smokey this morning!