Last Night: Tamaryn & Religious to Damn

Shoegazers Tamaryn and Religious to Damn were at the newly ‘renovated’ Don Hill’s last night. Funny enough the place doesn’t look like it received a make over at all. It is now sporting a faux CBGB’s style. Tamaryn will also be at PS1 this Saturday for a free 4pm show. Religious to Damn can be caught next in Brooklyn at Union Pool on February 23.

Controlled Bleeding’s Valentine’s Massacre

Controlled Bleeding, alongside Syphilitic Lust and Occultation ripped a big fat hole in our collectively bleeding hearts at the Lit Lounge on Monday. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. Yes, this and only this was the appropriate soundtrack to it. You missed it? Sucks to be you.

Destroyer: 'Kaputt'

I’ve been loving the new Destroyer single, ‘Kaputt.’ How can you not love a song that blends Kenny G saxophone fills with a baseline reminiscent of the Twin Peaks theme. Um, well, I love it anyway.

Profile – Jose Gonzales and Junip at Irving Plaza

Last Wednesday, while most of you crowded your ways onto packed trains and subjected yourself to unpleasant Homeland Security “enhanced” patdowns, the crew at Big Ass Lens spent the day soundchecking and chatting with Jose Gonzales and his longtime band, Junip. The result is this 5 1/2 minute profile of the band, which includes footage taken from our interview with Jose and Tobias, the soundcheck, and the last three songs of the set, which include two of the best tracks on their Fields LP, “Without You” and “Every Direction”. For more information on Junip, head over to the BAL website, where we also recently profiled killer guitarist Marnie Stern and Irish singer-songwriter Conor O’Brien of Villagers.

Watch: Tame Impala "Solitude is Bliss (Live)"

Tame Impala played the first of two sold out shows in Manhattan last night, and Big Ass Lens was there to watch them catch wreck. Check out a video from this show of their single, “Solitude is Bliss”, a polite and tightly packaged monster of a track which we captured in glorious BAL goodness. All the hallmarks of the band are present – roaming, reverb drenched vocals, sun splashed guitar, and a slyly shifting rhythmic section. And just to take a moment, what a rhythm section! Nick Allbrook’s seriously killer bass playing keeps the foundation upfront but frequently improvises lines over top, while Jay Watson stabs in and out with a crack and clatter reminiscient of Nick Mason. All of this is packaged with a great sense of pop songcraft perfect for those who like their Beatles passed through a ray of psych.

Tame Impala play again tonight, and while tickets have long since sold out, Bowery should be releasing a few tickets later in the evening (as they did yesterday around 9:30). If not, there’s always craigslist. For more on Tame Impala, visit Big Ass Lens.

Underneath it all, Dickchicken just wants to make you laugh.

The Work Book Project has a video up of loved/hated Brooklyn icon and street artist, Dickchicken. We contacted the reprobate to see if he’d answer a few questions.  Interview after the jump.

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Election Night

Brooklyn band The Ks sent us a photo video in honor of the night. All we can say is we’re never drinking tea or wearing our three cornered hats again. Still keeping our fingers crossed that Sharron Angle loses.

Video Profile: Marnie Stern

BAL caught up with the uber-talented and super friendly Marnie Stern during her breakneck 7 show marathon at CMJ, where she granted us an on-camera interview and access to several of the shows she played at. What emerged was a portrait of tireless ambition, perspicacity, and dedication to a craft – one which she has mastered with colorful, yet reserved flair and renowned dexterity. Check out this short video which includes an interview as well as live concert footage from her shows at Santos Party House and local DIY spot The Pyramids, then head over to Big Ass Lens for more info on this rising star, as well as other videos from CMJ.