40 unconventional “love” songs for past, present, + future bae


Love songs don’t have to be mushy and chock-full of cliches. They can be dirty, weird, morbid, depressing, hyper-sexual, or just plain straightforward. The sentiment can come from both the heart AND the pants. It doesn’t matter how you say I love you, or I want you, or I want to die if you die—there are a lot of ways to tell bae you care. [Read more…]

Three things to do on Valentine’s Day

Whether you want to impress a date or distract yourself from loneliness, there are plenty of activities to fill your schedule Valentine’s Day. Here a run-down of a few top picks:


Brooklyn Bazaar Valentine’s Day SuperPass Ticket
Grabbing two extra special SuperPass tickets for this Friday’s love fest gets you:
– In the door fast
– Two meal tickets
– One dessert to split
– Two games of mini golf or ping pong
– Two drinks

Musical guests include headliners Team Spirit, The Liza Colby Sound, Hard Nips, Blue & Gold, Lowell and DJ Pagasus Warning.

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Bring Your Valentine To Greenpoint’s Sewage Plant


Looking for an early-morning Valentine’s Day date that’s sure to impress leave an impression on your special someone? The sewage plant located on the beautiful famously disgusting Newtown Creek is offering special tours for the holiday.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant – which is the city’s largest wastewater facility and processes 1.3 million gallons each day – is opening its doors on Tuesday for a special tour of its “digester eggs” (ew that name).  Monthly tours are available from its 2-year-old visitor center, but Tuesday’s tour will be an added date and will end in a Hershey’s kiss for each attendee (seriously).

Like the fancy restaurant where your date is expecting is expecting to go, the plant requires reservations. Email [email protected] The tour begins at 10 a.m.

Controlled Bleeding’s Valentine’s Massacre

Controlled Bleeding, alongside Syphilitic Lust and Occultation ripped a big fat hole in our collectively bleeding hearts at the Lit Lounge on Monday. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. Yes, this and only this was the appropriate soundtrack to it. You missed it? Sucks to be you.

The Ideal Brooklyn Date Weekend – Hipster Edition

Say what you will about the photos (I know I know, shooting square photos of dressed-up Brooklynites is pretty much a double negative) for L Magazine’s article on a perfect V-day weekend in Brooklyn, but I think they are lovely shots with a few good weekend ideas behind them. Anyone know who did them?