[PICS] Twin Sister Album Release Party at Glasslands

Twin Sister1.jpg
Twin Sister celebrated their album release last night at Glasslands. Naturally the album is excitedly anticipated as Twin Sister’s second EP Color Your Life received critical acclaim for it’s breathy and inspired sound with its romantically hazy approach to ambient and pop rock music.
Twin Sister invited the experimental trio Data Dog and Lost Boy to open for them. While Data Dog chose to play with the same lighting scheme used in that part of Willy Wonka when they go on that boat down the tunnel, Lost Boy illuminated the entire stage to film their set. Regardless of their aesthetic choices, both bands were well received but the over heating crowd was anxious to hear Twin Sister’s performance.
Twin Sister kicked off their performance with, “Milk & Honey” and could not look more excited to perform before such a loyal crowd. However, the celebration was put on hold for a moment when the sound failed. When the sound returned moments later, DJ Amrit Singh of Stereogum was playing The Coors’ single, “Dreams” and Twin Sister invited a karaoke moment before launching back into their set.
This summer, Twin Sister will be playing with the ambient experimental Bear in Heaven. Click here for more tour dates and check out more pictures from Glasslands after the jump!

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