If You Hear The Clown Horn, Run

A woman wrote us this morning about a surreal attempted mugging in Williamsburg:

I almost got mugged by a group of girls last night.
Last night at around 1 AM I was walking home down N. 7th St. between Havemeyer and Roebling. I’m a small person and I was by myself. There’s a big empty lot on the North side of the street and as I was walking past it a very loud rubber horn noise issued from behind the fence. Like one of those plastic party horns that clowns carry. Which seemed really out of place. As I approached the intersection three girls were walking through it (not together, walking in different directions). One of them ended up walking a little bit in front of me and then turned around and started heading towards me. As she passed me she grabbed my coat and started punching me in the head. She was trying to grab my bag from my shoulder but mostly just kept hitting me. I started screaming and thankfully there was a guy very close by who came running up and chased her off. Her friend, one of the other girls from the intersection, started to drag her away and they ran. We called the cops but couldn’t locate these girls, who looked to be in their late teens, early twenties maybe. The girl who was hitting me was heavy set and around 5’7″ tall. Her friend was skinnier.
This is all to say- if you hear a clown horn noise, call the cops and/or start running. Please let people know about this, it was definitely an organized group lying in wait for a good target to walk by.

If you have information or a similar tale, let us know.