Arrested for having a pug on the L Train

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From our mailbag. If you have pix or video, send them along.

Was arrested by police at L train today – ffor a 15lb pug that I took out of his tote bag for throwing up and overheating. Held for very long time – photos and video and about 12 cops involved. Pug okay,. but me, very sad,. They gave me 3 tickets – recesssion that bad?[…]
I took the day off of work, because my wrists are so swollen from the handcuffs that I’ve had trouble typing. Basically, I had my pug in a tote bag, but he overheated and threw up in the bag on the L Train btw 1st ave and Bedford. I took him out and had him in my arms – he’s a foster pug with a few health issues for
As I was walking up the stairs a transit cop grabbed my arms and pushed me up against a wall – I couldn’t produce ID (left my wallet at home) he handcuffed me. From there it went downhill fast and people were calling the police and taking photos and video.
They took my pug and he told me he was taking him to the pound where he would be “put down.” I was taken to the J stop headquarters. I wasn’t allowed to call a lawyer and I was put in a cell.
I was given 3 tickets: failure to produce ID, disorderly conduct, and failure to have dog in a containter. I have a court date in July and August.
My pug was returned. They had him behind their desks and were playing with him. [..]
I think that because so many people were yelling at the cop – it made him more angry, but he was yelling at me – “If you’re going to act like a woman I’m going to treat you like a woman.”
-name withheld by request

UPDATE: via Gothamist:

According to [Name Withheld], the arresting officer’s name is Witriol (badge number 942838). After seeing a photo, she identified him to us as Joel Witriol, who in 2006 became New York’s first Hasidic cop. [Name Withheld], 32, says Witriol would not accept her explanation that she was carrying the pug because it was sick, and she believes that the disturbed crowd that gathered to witness the arrest only made him angrier. She tells us, “He punched me in the back (there are bruises), he handcuffed me, and in the scuffle grabbed my breasts and pinched them.”
Melissa Randazzo, a speech language pathologist who lives in Williamsburg, witnessed the arrest and tells us, “something about it seemed very wrong. The cop’s tone seemed really inappropriate and he kept saying things like, ‘Are you going to act like a woman?’ She tried to walk away, and then he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall outside the turnstile.” Randazzo ran up to the street level to call 911 to, as she says, “call the cops” on Witriol, and soon some 20 officers had descended into the Bedford station. They then ordered the witnesses to disperse.

Pictures of the arrest after the jump.

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