Vaginal Ejaculation Disorder

This is almost as funny as Restless Legs Syndrome. And of course the Japanese are the first to report on it. From Spa!

Japan is in dire straights. The population is declining, people are marrying later, having fewer children, if any at all. And Spa! (1/29) says one of the major reasons for the dilemma is that as many as 70 percent of younger men are unable to achieve vaginal ejaculation.
“They’ve got no erection problems and they can masturbate perfectly normally, but there has been a massive increase, particularly among those in their 20s and 30s, who are suffering from vaginal ejaculation disorder, or an inability to ejaculate inside the vagina,” Koichi Nagao, a urologist at the Toho University Omori Medical Center, tells Spa! “It’s the most common dysfunction I have to deal with among people who come to the clinic. It leads to problems in the home, fertility problems and, in the worst cases, divorce.”
Though there’s no data available on exactly how many Japanese men are actually suffering from vaginal ejaculation disorder, a soapland brothel worker the magazine gives as its source says over her many years of servicing male clients, it would have to be around 70 percent. “Young guys in particular. I’d say for every 10 guys, only about three come inside,” the woman says.

What’s to blame? It’s porn of course

Experts say one of the main reasons men develop vaginal ejaculation disorder is that they learn how to masturbate using methods that feel distinctly different from vaginas, such as rubbing up against pillows or lying face down and moving back and forward for stimulation until climax. “Sex is too accessible for young people nowadays, what with adult movies and Internet porn,” Harima tells Spa! “They’re too used to the virtual world, which means when they find things like a woman who doesn’t have porn star looks, is sweaty, or doesn’t moan as loud as they’re expecting, they become unable to ejaculate.