Further Evidence That The Russians Are Crazy

Evidently there’s an online community in Russia that’s enjoys making bizarre staged phot-ops:

‚”A Cheating Wife: You need to make a photo of a man, ‚”a lover”, hanging outside the real window. The window should be not lower than a 3rd store of a multi-stored building. ‚”A husband” should lean out from another window with a gun, aiming at ‚”the lover”. From yet another window ‚”the cheating wife” should look out in despair.”
‚”The Waiter: A man dressed like a water should crawl out of a refuse chute in some multi-stored building, right from the disposal opening. He should hold a tray with some servings and a towel in another hand”
‚”A Zombie: A man, rolled up in bandages should crawl on his stomach at a pedestrian crossing. He should have a knife sticking out of his back. Another guy should chase him with a working chainsaw”
‚”The Pickles: Make a photo of many jars of pickles. Some of them should have pickled cell-phones. Not less than five cell phones in each jar please”
‚”A Pyramid: You should have a three level pyramid on the photo. The first level is some random truck, the second is a passenger car and some two-wheeled thing on the top of ‚”the pyramid” please.”

See them all here. [Thanks Jeff]