Romney Says Mexicans Have A "Funny Accent", "Look Different"

Needless to say, this exchange about immigration from last night’s debate isn’t going to win over the Hispanic vote. Didn’t the GOP get their fill of racial insensitivity with George Allen?

ROMNEY: I think it is really kind of offensive actually to suggest, to say look, you know what, if you are a homeowner and you hire a company to come provide a service at your home – paint the home, put on the roof. If you hear someone that is working out there, not that you have employed, but that the company has.
If you hear someone with a funny accent, you, as a homeowner, are supposed to go out there and say, “I want to see your papers.”
Is that what you’re suggesting?
GIULIANI: If you’re going to take this holier than thou attitude . . .
TIM: Yeah, we’re Republicans, it’s not like we ever do that.
ROMNEY: I ask the mayor again. Are you suggesting, Mayor, that if you have a company that you hired who provide a service, that you now are responsible for going out and checking the employees of that company, particularly those that might look different or don’t have an accent like yours, and ask for their papers . . .