What Will We Do Without Todd P And Silent Barn?

From BrooklynVegan

SILENT BARN needs your help! ConEdison As some of you may know, Silent Barn is an all ages performance / art / work / living space in beautiful Ridgewood, Queens. We’ve had a good run so far, hosting shows and events for a wide variety of groups, having extreme fun the whole time, and we’d like to continue that onward and into the unforeseeable future. But here’s the catch: we just found out that we lost our appeal of a suit with ConEd, and are receiving notices daily that we owe them back power bills for the power used by the previous residents of the space, to the tune of almost $7,000 with interest. OUCH. We are reaching out to our community for help and ideas, because if we don’t come up with the money soon, ConEd will send some sort of federal official to shut off the power, effectively ending Silent Barn for good. [KEEP READING]