Concert News: Modest Mouse & MIA Coming to Brooklyn

Modest Mouse will be playing McCarren Park Pool on August 9 [via BrooklynVegan]

I have bad news for those hoping to see Modest Mouse & Clipse on August 8th. Better yet – I have bad news for those who didn’t get tickets to see Beastie Boys at Summerstage because they thought they were seeing Modest Mouse with Band of Horses in Keyspan Park. The August 8th show has been postponed exactly one month, and moved: Modest Mouse is now playing McCarren Pool on September 8th. Love as Laughter are still opening, but Band of Horses and Clipse are up in the air.

And we’re really excited to hear that M.I.A. will be coming to the Polish dance hall, Studio B, in Greenpoint on August 3rd.