New White Stripes Single "Icky Thump"

The White Stripes new single”Icky Thump” is now available on iTunes. Sounds like Jack White has been rocking his old Physical Graffiti LP again:
The White Stripes – Icky Thump (XFM radio rip) (MP3)
The album is due out June 19th. From Wikipedia:

The White Stripes official web site has announced that Icky Thump will be the sixth studio album by The White Stripes. Its completion was announced on February 28, 2007. The band’s website announced that the album was recorded at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio and took almost three weeks to record — the longest of any White Stripes album to date.
A statement on the band’s official website (spuriously attributed to “Kitayna Ireyna Tatanya Kerenska Alisof” of the “Moscow Bugle”, a reference to the 1966 Batman film) claims that:
‚”The White Stripes have completed the recording and mixing of their sixth album. It is entitled Icky Thump, and is their first album to include a title track, which curiously (and not ironically) has the same words in it’s [sic] name. Though some residents of northern England might almost recognize the title, the Stripes stress they are spelling it wrong intentionally just for “kicks” and “metaphors”, and to avoid a possible lawsuit from the estate of Billy Eckstine.”
A video of The Stripes in the studio working on the album can also be found at their site, although the aforementioned statement has this to say about the song: “The actual music has been replaced with mid eighties sampling keyboard technology to prevent what industry analysts are now calling ‘song poaching’.”
Jack White stated that the album will appeal to fans of the band’s self-titled debut, perhaps suggesting a stripped-down hard rock sound. A trumpet/guitar duel is said to take place in one song.
The first track (“Icky Thump”) has been announced as the first single to be taken from the upcoming album. Q101 in Chicago has become the first station to play the track.

[hat tip BrooklynVegan]