Final Northsix show tonight

UPDATE: Brooklyn Vegan is reporting that tonight’s show has been cancelled.
Tonight marks the last show at Northsix, before the space is closed for renovations and becomes the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The loss of an independent music venue is always a bummer, but I’m not taking this one too hard. For one thing, the space will remain a live music venue instead of becoming condos or a Starbucks. The folks taking it over, the Bowery Presents, seem to treat the bands they work with pretty well, and run the excellent Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom (as well as the abysmal Webster Hall, but as long as the don’t ship the goons who work there over here, we should be OK). Hopefully, the renovations will get rid of the huge pillars and spare the bleachers, and the new owners will make an effort to make sure shows start remotely close to on time. Finally, anything that results in fewer late night J train rides is fine with me.
Radio 4, the Big Sleep, and Free Blood play the final show. Tickets are $15, and it theoretically starts at 9pm. If you can’t make the show, please enjoy the above Radio 4 video, shot mostly in Williamsburg.
And speaking of bummer closings, I’m pouring a PBR on the curb for the excellent Rocks in Your Head Records on Roebling, which mysteriously disappeared over the weekend.
-Cortney Harding