America's religious right: God's own country

by Sinner’s Guide to the Evangelical Right author and FREEwilliamsburg founder, Robert Lanham. Hot off the press from today’s Independent:

When I met Ted Haggard in his New Life Church office last autumn, he was on his way to Denver, Colorado. He often caught flights out of the city, which was a short drive from his home in Colorado Springs, the mountainside town commonly referred to as the “evangelical Vatican”, given its enormous born-again community and its abundance of “Welcome to Bush country” bumper stickers.
While I drank a Starbucks cappuccino I’d purchased in the food court of his 14,000-member megachurch, we discussed his friendship with George Bush, his belief that pro-business capitalism was “scriptural”, and his best-selling book, The Jerusalem Diet: The “One Day” Approach to Reach Your Ideal Weight – and Stay There.
His ongoing methamphetamine-fuelled affair with a gay prostitute who lived in Denver wasn’t mentioned that day, but Haggard did cite his belief that “the homosexual agenda” was a devastating “sin” that was dangerous to the future of America.

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