Letterman Gets Feisty Again

First, he ripped O’Reilly a new asshole. Now he’s after Mary Cheney who is currently on her new book tour. Letterman is becoming must-see TV:

David: … Maybe, I’m wondering if people would rather you had talked about it [being the gay daughter of Darth Vader] during the campaign as opposed to after the campaigns waiting to put it in a book. Would it have been more effective to talk about it then?
Mary: I honestly don’t think it would have…
David: Do they resent you taking the opportunity to make money selling books now, where as before there was something larger to have accomplished?
Mary: I am very hesitant to speak on behalf of anybody. I’m sure there are people who feel that way and I know there are other people who don’t feel that way…

Watch the video here [via Crooks & Liars]