At least they're turning off lights…

sprejem-Pahor-Dennis-Haster.jpg It’s an election year, so it’s not surprising that Congress has begun to “get serious” about price gouging and inflated profits in the oil industry. Of course, the “investigation” Bush is spearheading will undoubtedly result in nothing more than rhetoric. Tough talk with little action. Now that political “outrage” over the price of gas has begun to be voiced on Capitol Hill, let’s all take a moment to reflect on three key facts:
1. The GOP Congress gave the oil industry over $2 billion in tax breaks in August of 2005.
2. Oil and gas companies [will] receive about $10 billion in tax breaks over the next five years
3. Much of Congress (and of course Bush himself) took millions from the oil industry to run their campaigns.
At least we can find it reassuring that Dennis Hastert is doing his part:
“Here at the Capitol, we’re switching off all unnecessary lights, unplugging equipment that drains energy when not in use and turning off computers and monitors when they are not being used,” Hastert said.