"It's my belief that we should get out now"

Those are the words of Walter Cronkite, not Cindy Sheehan. Of course, now we want to ask Bill O’Reilly, is Cronkite being “run by far-left elements” who are using him. And is he “dumb enough to allow it to happen.” After all, those were the accusations he tossed at Sheehan.
What mud can Bill sling at Cronkite, he’s probably wondering. How about trashing Cronkite’s credibility? Probably not a good idea Bill, since you started out on “Inside Edition.” How about saying his statement will dangerously undercut troop morale? Eh — not so great either since you’re already using that line of reasoning on Murtha. You could call him crazy. Nah — you’re already using that one on Gore, Clinton, Kennedy, Dean, and Moore.
How’s this one, Bill, just says he’s old. Yeah, that’ll work.