September 24 March: End the War on Iraq!

A reminder that this Saturday there will be a huge march for peace in DC. It will be followed by a free concert featuring:
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, Le Tigre, Bouncing Souls, Steve Earle, The Coup, The Bellrays, and many others on the Washington Monument grounds.
Strangely, none of the New York bloggers are covering this event thus far. Here’s our two cents on political marches… they are generally not very effective since the media and right wingers portray participants as dirty, Lefty, nutjobs. Nevertheless, showing other nations that not everyone in this country approves of the Iraq war and George Bush is extremely important. The Bush administration wants to ignore and censor protest. What’s more important than exercising free speech in these creepy times? Don’t be a cynic, head on down if you can. Click here for more.