Ultramagnetic MCs tonight

Ultramagnetic MCs featuring Kool Keith
when: 7pm
where: S.O.B.’s (204 Varick St)
price: $20 / $18 advance
We love Kool Keith and the U-MCs. This show promises to rule, despite the fact Ice T is opening. From Flavorpill:

De-funked since ’93, the Ultramagnetic MCs were minor players in Bronx hip-hop’s second wave (i.e., when white folks tuned in), the quirky younger brothers of legends Public Enemy and Run DMC, and creators of Critical Beatdown, one of the greatest hip-hop debuts ever ‚Äî hyperbole this ain’t. Unfortunately, the UMCs currently have more notoriety as the springboard for one Kool Keith (aka Doctor Octagon), an inconsistent but occasionally compelling rapper fetishized for his battles with mental illness (see also: Wesley Willis and, arguably, ODB). This comeback includes support from Ice-T, Keith’s onetime Analog Brother.