Nation's long-term jobless rate is highest since World War II

After receiving horrible approval numbers in a recent CNN poll, this can’t be good news for Cap’n Pigfucker:

From The New York Times
After three years of unemployment, Allen Gruenhut finally landed a job as director of human resources for a company in the stone business on Long Island. His age, 53, worked against him in his long hunt for work, he contends, and so did the six-figure salary he earned at his previous job, in banking.
“They would not take me seriously at job interviews when I said I would be happy with a lower salary,” Gruenhut said.
Jackie Ellenwood, 31, is still without a job. She had worked for three travel agencies over 13 years, until her last job, in Allen Park, Mich., ended in a layoff nine months ago. The industry is shrinking in response to more Internet bookings and cutbacks in corporate travel, so Ellenwood is looking for work elsewhere and studying to become a nurse.

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