"Some of his language and conduct is quite un-Christian"

We weren’t delighted about the filibuster deal made in the Senate, but it was nonetheless a HUGE victory for Democrats who just weeks ago seemed powerless against the nuclear option. Republican senators are going to have a lot of explaining to do when douchebags like James Dobson and Tim Wildmon call asking what the hell happened. [OK, they’ll probably say heck instead of hell]. Dobson and Wildmon helped organize Justice Sunday just to ensure the death of the filibuster and enrolled Jesus Freak Bill Frist as a key speaker.
The deal will surely create a larger rift between James Dobson and Trent Lott who have been taking pot-shots at each other all week:

From USA Today
“Who does [James Dobson] think he is, questioning my conservative credentials?” Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., said in an interview. Dobson, head of the conservative group Focus on the Family, criticized Lott for his efforts to forge a compromise in the fight over the judges. Lott is still angry. “Some of his language and conduct is quite un-Christian, and I don’t appreciate it,” the senator said.

We’re hoping for an all out brawl. Dobson issued a statement soon after the news broke:

“We share the disappointment, outrage and sense of abandonment felt by millions of conservative Americans who helped put Republicans in power last November. I am certain that these voters will remember both Democrats and Republicans who betrayed their trust.”

We hope Dobson heeds his own words to remember this decision. He helped organize the Republican vote in 2004 (Focus on the Family distibuted 8 million voting guides) and we’d love to see him and sit the 2006 and 2008 elections out. As DailyKos pointed out, this entire filibuster debate was largely because of Dobson in the first place.