Listen to the new White Stripes, "Get Behind Me Satan"

Somehow the new White Stripes record hasn’t been leaked yet. In lieu of MP3’s, has provided a stream of the full record, “Get Behind Me Satan.” This is a very different, more mellow, more sparse White Stipes almost completely devoid of Jimmy Page riffs. (Though “Red Rain” — one of the album’s highlights — does sound like a Led Zeppelin III outtake). The good news is most of the record is more inspired than the cheesy Lenny Kravitz-sounding single “Blue Orchid.” Start with “Little Ghost,” a carefree bluegrass-inspired hoedown. “As Ugly as I Seem” is a lovely confessional on accoustic guitar, accompanied by Meg on bongos. Upon first listen, “Get Behind Me Satan” sounds like the proverbial “transitional” record. Most notably, many tracks are piano-driven, a break with their tradional guitar-heavy sound. Vibes, banjos, and xylophones are added to the mix on several tracks. Regardless of your opinion of their new sound, one question will linger; what’s up with the Zoro costume, Jack? [The record is due to be released June 6]
Listen to the record by clicking here
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