To do this weekend

Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival)
Sat and Sun at the Beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Garden
click here for schedule and info
Saturday will be rainy most likely, but Sunday should be nice

From Flavorpill
Despite Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku girls, the obsession with Lost in Translation, and the widespread acceptance of Murakami’s pop art, we should acknowledge that Japan is about more than modern pop culture trends. For a taste of old traditions, there’s the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. And no, you don’t have to go to DC to see them ‚Äî it’s just a short subway ride to Brooklyn. The two-day festival features a full schedule of events, including Samurai sword fighting, Taiko drumming, classical concerts, and woodblock printing classes.

And, if you can get a ticket, Death From Above 1979 are playing the Bowery Ballroom Sat, Apr 30 — doors open at 8:30pm. Tickets are $15

From Village Voice
They’re a duo from Canada, but we won’t pass judgment. Nor will we chastise them for being on Vice Records and being the sort of quasi-/neo-metalheads that just might wear girls’ jeans and trucker hats. Why? Because they totally rock: dancey disco beats, robotic turbo bass, and sticky-sweet classic-rock vocals that have you singin’ along about young love and blood on yer hands all while headbangin’ and doing a li’l Ashlee Simpson jig. With Uncut and Controller.Controller.